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Assessment Information

The information you give me is only accessible by me and I adhere to at least the same confidentiality standards as any other trained health professional and to better standards than most.
I will reply to you within a few days and we can work out a program and a plan for you to begin your journey. 

Please remember that the worse you are feeling, the temptation may be for you to resist help. But being desperate is one of the best places you can be in order to follow through with change. I have had, by far, the most success with the most desperate clients. 
You will find the assessment questions below this section of the email. 

Due to the restrictions placed on health professionals, I can only offer you ‘education’ and it is illegal to even mention cures or treatment. So, by completing the form you are agreeing that any changes you make are based on education provided by me but you take full responsibility for any changes you decide to make. I’m also obliged to tell you to tell you that if you make any changes, you should consult a registered health professional even though, in my opinion they are trained and indoctrinated by a grossly corrupt pharmaceutical industry which, again in my opinion, do far more harm than good.