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“Doesn’t matter if you can dream it or not, all that matters is if you can begin it or not? Take that first step.”
― Vikrmn

Briefly describe your goals and expectations
Include any Diagnosis you Believe you may have
Include any diagnosis you believe you may have had
Include medications you are not be taking
It is ok if you are unable to be Specific, do your best
Describe personal factors and external. Please be brief. Do you struggle to maintain a regular schedule? Do you have issues with the people around you? Do you have issues with your family?
A brief description of why and what you are achieving
Do you participate in Sports and Classes. How regularly do you exercise. How do you feel about your level of fitness?
Please be brief. This assessment is not intended to be a counselling session. The focus is intervention based.
Please include details of psychiatric admissions, suicidality self harm etc if relevant
Weekly work hours, relationship status, children, stress management strategies, hobbies and how regular, what takes up your time, what type of exercise do you do, how much, how often
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Screen time includes all forms of engagement, from mobile phone games, social media, TV, Netflix on PC, Work situation involving computers etc.