Personal details have been omitted to protect the identy of clients. 

"..usually the typical band- aid solution is to prescribe different anti depressants or anti psychotic drugs & send on her way. This all changed recently. (Name withheld) was very depressed not eating & having suicide thoughts. Another trip to (Name withheld) Mental Health.(Name withheld) had a appointment with Dennis O'Connor & for the very first time we heard information that was informative & practical Dennis put in a plan for (Name withheld) involving quitting cigarettes, exercise & healthy eating. It was a light bulb moment. Dennis is highly intelligent, passionate & has the ability to tap into something that is not to be brushed aside. (Name withheld) walked out of (Name withheld) for the very first time without a prescription. She went to the Gym the following day. She has returned to work & putting Dennis plan into place. I write this with wholehearted gratitude & would appreciate this email gets forwarded to the appropriate people. Most importantly a huge Thank you to you Dennis."
Mother of Suicidal Client
''…, for the first time in 20 years of "mess" (self destructive, chaotic, inconsistent, escape-driven, vice-driven behavior), I now FINALLY have a clear understanding of: the hows and whys of my behavioral patterns and tools with which to adjust them; what is required of me to direct and succeed at major change; the fact that this is not a quick fix but a lifetime commitment; and, importantly a very 'simple' (very challenging) checklist which I have memorized and can filter all my choices through.…. there has been a huge shift in my behavior. …… I didn't realize how much other's desire for me, and my subsequent reaction, had been negatively dictating/directing my choices/day to day life.These steps have also helped me to avoid getting back on the eating disorder cycle of starving and over exercising - …..I have a strong sense of determination regarding these necessary changes …… prior to my session with you, I had no idea how to go about addressing my behavior. I would have benefited greatly from your expertise years ago however my strong aversion to being "labeled", medicated, and sent on my way had put me off seeking help as, …I am eternally grateful for those few hours you allocated to assisting and guiding me, and I am especially grateful that you didn't write me off as incapable of self-driven change.''  
Distraught and High Functioning
Misdiagnosed with Bipolar
I have been working on the technical side of this project for a while now. As a result I have the opportunity to preview to the course. I had no idea about some of the health things which affect us. So many people have depression and anxiety around me. After knowing about the contents of this course, I can now say with certainty that these type of conditions can be fully cured if you listen to what Dennis has to say. I will use this knowledge to protect myself in the future and I now know how to help other people. Amazing job Dennis. This will help so many people.
Khilan Vadalia
Web-page Management Designer

”I enjoy working with Mr O’Connor. I find his enthusiasm and commitment to providing the best services to the client available, inspirational. His manner invokes motivation and enjoyment. There have been many reports from clients and their families about the exceptional work he has done over the years.….and I know through your mentor-ship at times it has allowed me to reintroduce a lot of principles I had neglected to include in my practice for some time. These include education, options and being an advocate for our patients to protect them always when in our care. To help achieve their full potential.”

”Dennis is always educating myself and the wider team with the latest evidence based research around holistic Mental Health interventions. He is a much valued colleague whom I have found supportive and highly valuable with his knowledge, passion and experience.”

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